Pet Owners Guide : Selling With Pets

Calling all pet owners 🐈🐕 Here are 5 tips for selling your home with pets in mind!

🐾 Prep your home - remove pet odors, clean up pet hair, and repair any damage caused by pets.

🐾 Stage with care - minimize pet presence during showings by temporarily relocating them or securing them in a designated area.

🐾Prioritize cleanliness- stay on top of regular cleaning to maintain a tidy environment. Vacuum, clean littler boxes, and take care of any accidents or messes.

🐾Let your agent know - Make sure to tell your agent about any pets that might be home during showings so they can inform potential buyers and other agents!

🐾Click here to see some of the furry friends that's been at our listing appointments or showings! You won't regret it!

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